meridith knows women case

Topics: App Store, Sales, Consultative selling Pages: 2 (403 words) Published: September 22, 2014
1. Strengths and weaknesses of Meredith-
Massive data – They have studied each customer so well that they have 700 data points on each customer that allows them to truly known each person intimate level. Sell Information for profits- They have so huge information about their customers that they can sell to other companies and make profits. Business diversification- As they know print media is declining so they have moved into online and television world. They have more than 50 websites that reach out over 20 million unique visitors each month. They have become very proficient in social networking. Weakness

Main weakness of their marketing system is that they rely completely on customer preferences. The needs and wants of customers keep on changing with time. Their research is just limited to US customers so clearly they are not global and in this competitive world they may find a new company (Which is big and global) just around their corner to take their place. 2. Yes we think that it impersonal data points really results in meaningful relationships. Their research can tell them more about a customer than their families or friends could. By using data points they collect from customers, they can create an impression on customers that they are being given service on individual basis and this can lead to a strong bond between them. All of this work leads to customer loyalty.

3. Yes, Meredith’s marketing information expertise transfer into other media and products. They do it through different websites like,, and and Cable programs like better. They are also selling their content through various app stores (like google play and apple app store)

4. Even though they heavily rely on print media, their future seems to be bright because they have already started to expand into other forms of media such as websites, app stores and television shows. Their magazines are also available online....
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