Merger Memo 1

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Merger Memo
Learning Team B: Kathryn Alvino, Nadia Ge, Delores Jones, Wanda Soderberg-Beck University of Phoenix

Author Note:
This paper is being submitted on January 30, 2015, for Dr. Kale Kruger’s HCS/514 Managing in Today’s Health Care Organizations course.

Merger Memo
TO: All Employees
FROM: Management Team
DATE: January 30, 2015
SUBJECT: Healthcare International Organization Merger
CC: Leadership Team

In response to the recent merging of Healthcare International and Care Alliance Health Systems, the management teams of both medical facilities has come together to write a memo on the merger and the effect that it will have within our new organization. Our organization will now be called Care Alliance International Systems. This memo will discuss how the merger will affect our organizational culture (on products and services), how organizational behavior affects overall quality, and how organizational behavior affects competition and human relations. In addition to that, this memo will review how job design, work processes, and performance expectations effect our organization. Lastly, this memo will discuss how the management team will ensure the success of the new Care Alliance International systems. Organizational Culture: Care Alliance Health Systems is dedicated to providing a healthy culture within our facilities so that we may maintain our spirit of excellence with our customer service. There are several impacts of organizational culture on products and services that includes all of the following: company culture, talent, and service excellence. The culture of an organization consists of shared values and beliefs established by an organization’s leaders and managers, then communicated and reinforced through multiple methods. The employee’s perceptions, understanding, and ultimately behavior portrayed in the workplace will determine the organization’s success. Research has shown if an organization’s culture is to improve work performance values and beliefs must be shared by all employees (Denison, Mishra, 1995). For those employees asking, “what is organization culture” I will clarify. Culture is the pattern of shared beliefs and values that develop over time within an organization, is viewed as correct, and is taught to newcomers as the appropriate way to behave in the group (Sheppeck, Militello, 2014). According to Sweeny (2011) in regards to the impact of healthy organizational structure on customer service, “a strong, vibrant company culture will generally attract the same type of employee to the organization.” Our culture will serve to achieve specific goals by directing management and employee behavior, planning and allocating resources, focusing on competitive strategic actions for improved outcomes, and maintaining excellent customer service. Customer service is the responsibility of every employee in the organization regardless of title. According to Sweeny (2011), “a healthy company culture that focuses on providing exceptional customer service regardless of their products and services will have a much easier time teaching, coaching, and reinforcing employees on the significance of providing excellent service.” Organizational Behavior: According to Carney, a strong organization requires managers to be strategically involved in the organization’s initiatives, processes, and human relations (Carney, 2006). Organizational behavior is the glue that holds different areas within our facility together and will allow us to adapt to changing environments. Our organization is successful because we uphold employee behavior that is indicative of the high quality of services and products that patients receive. Care Alliance International Systems institutes excellence by use of quality management programs such as Six Sigma, a proven corporate method (Glickman, Baggett, Krubert, Peterson, & Schulman, 2007). Six Sigma is a...

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