Mere Christianity Book Report

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My Vision

My vision is to someday be a missionary in China. God called me there when I was 10 years old. He used a youth pastor and told me that I would be missionary in China someday. I did not really feel like that is what God wanted for me at the time, but now I do. There is a great need for missionaries. There are many people there that have not heard about the gospel yet, and the people that do, do not have the Bible and Christian literature to grow in their walk with the almighty God that loves them so much. I want to be used by God in bringing them the things they need.

My Preparation

Though I am only 15 years old, I feel that I should start preparing now for the mission field. First, God is preparing my heart through Bible verses that I have read and through people I have met. I want him to help me love the people of China like He loves them. Secondly, I am preparing mentally, by going to the Bible college, and learning and memorizing more about the Bible. I am learning Chinese through high school to better equip me to communicate with people there. The rest of my studies are teaching me the skills I will need to have living there. The mission field can be very aggressive, so I am also preparing by training physically, by running, lifting weights, eating right, and many other things. I practice survival skills and camping in the wilderness to better help me in the mission field of China.

If you feel led to support this ministry by prayer then see the next page for specific prayer needs. Financial support and supplies can be sent through Calvary Chapel Bible College at 39407 Murrieta Hot Springs Road Murrieta, CA 92563.

Current Spiritual Conditions

Christians in China have a hunger for God’s Word and desire to learn more about Him. They are currently under a communist government that does not let them worship God in their own way. The government has lightened up somewhat by creating government run...
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