Merchant of Venice Appearance vs Reality

Topics: The Merchant of Venice, Portia, Shylock Pages: 2 (619 words) Published: June 23, 2013
In the play
The Merchant of Venice, William Shakespeare, clearly shows that many time people appear to be something that really are not. This can be dangerous because you never know who you can trust. Characters are two faced, the one they show, what they appear to be, and the one they hide, what they really are. To begin

with, Shakespeare shows how people pretend to be someone they aren’t just for convenience. This is shown in Jessica’s attitudes, she appears to be a loving daughter that take care of her father and would never wrong him. She assures to take care of the house while Shylock goes to the dinner party he had been invited to, but when he is gone he take out her “mask” and shows her real face, a selfish face and taking advantage of the situation, she steal her father jewelry and ducats as her go with Lorenzo. This shows how Jessica can have an extreme change, betraying her father, the ne that raised her alone.

appearance and reality are also shown in Antonio’s words referring to Shylock. “He is a villain with a smiling cheek” its hiding a bad person a “villain”. In this context Antonio uses these words because Shylock appears to be a good person helping them with the bond and citing scriptures, but he says that even the devil can cite the scriptures. Another character that plays both roles to the extreme is Portia. The fair Portia, who appears to be perfect and have no defects, the one that is claimed form all over the world’s in fact not as fair as we have thought, as its shown in this words “ I would rather he to shrive me tan wife me” here we can see how Portia is in fact racist and judgmental. Furthermore,

the theme isn’t only applied to characters but to objects, as the caskets. As were the gold casket says “who chooseth me shall gain what many men desire”. Morocco chooses this casket focusing on the words “(….) what many men desires” he thinks about Portia as what all men desire, but when he opens the casket he finds a scroll...
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