Merchandising .... an Overview

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MERCHANDISING… A brief Overview

“Merchandising is the process through which products are planned, developed, and presented to the identified target market.” A merchandiser is a person who is basically planning, developing and executing for timely delivery of products to the concerned section. Co-ordination comes along with his/ her functionality.

The flow of process…

Responsibilities of a merchandiser:

·A merchandiser has to make sure that the right merchandise reaches in the right quantity at the right price on the right place at right time. ·Planning line size( Line size refers to the number of styles in a group) ·Planning fabric purchases

·Sourcing of trims/ fabrics/ accessories
·Scheduling production
·Scheduling deliveries
·Controlling production flow
·Presenting the finished line to the sales team.
·Vendor development (Specially for those merchants who are in a retail store or buying house. This includes identifying good manufacturers and allocating the right kind of order to the right manufacturing unit.) ·Costing

·Deciding the product mix (Product Mix refers to the number of items/ product categories like footwear, their styles, brands, sizes etc that have to be launched… another example in the case of garments could be a decision regarding the following: formals or casuals women’ swear/ men’ swear/ Kid’ swear, Tops, bottoms, dresses, suits etc. ·Planning Width and Depth of Product assortment (Also known as Merchandising mix) oWidth is the total number of brands in the store for a particular style (sports shoes) oDepth is the number of colors and sizes available in each brand. ·Data Analysis of Product Performance

·Managing stocks and inventory.

Merchandise Plan:
·Number of pieces to be developed
·Number of groups to be presented
·Fabrics/ Raw materials to be used

A SKU or Stock Keeping Unit is an identifier that is used by merchants to permit the systematic tracking of products and...
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