Topics: Commerce, Merchandising, Promotion and marketing communications Pages: 2 (609 words) Published: February 19, 2013
Merchandising: Is concerned with all of the activities necessary to provide a store’s customers with the merchandise they want to buy, when and where they want it and at prices they can afford and are willing to pay. American Marketing Association defines merchandising as “ the planning involved in marketing the right merchandise at the right place at the right time in the right quantities at the right price”. It involves: (a) Making Buying Plans (b) Understanding the customers (c) Selecting the Merchandise (d) Promoting and Selling the Goods to the consumer. Manufacturer’s Merchandising: 1. Designing the Goods 2. Estimating customer demand in term of styles, sizes, colours, quality and price. 3. Selecting the fabrics 4. Designing the packaging 5. Pricing 6. Determining Promotional activities. 7. Directing the Sales Team. Retail Merchandisers: 1. Forecasting Customer wants and desires. 2. Project Sales in terms of money and volume. 3. Selection of Merchandise in terms of colours, sizes, styles, prices and other selection factors. 4. Determining resources from where to perform, selecting and purchasing the goods. 5. Receive, Mark and prepare the goods for sale. 6. Presenting the merchandise attractively. Various Positions: 1. Fashion Coordinator / Fashion Director: This job demands an understanding of fashion trends and fashion shows production and staging techniques. He is responsible for identifying fashion trends for seasonal purchase and promotion in order to project the store’s fashion image. 2. GMM: Responsible for establishing and interpreting the store’s merchandise policies and guide the merchandise division in achieving profit. 3. DMM: Functions as advisors to and coordinators of the various buyers in their division.

4. Buyer: Responsible for implementing company policies, plans and procedures within the department. Mainly responsible for planning purchases and buying the merchandise for a department. Usual Responsibilities: a. Determining buying...
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