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Topics: Strategic management, Porter five forces analysis, Management Pages: 12 (4678 words) Published: September 29, 2014
MAN406 Strategy

Instructor:Dr. Timothy Kiessling
Office Locale:V301
Class Times:Tuesday 8:40 – 10:30 and Thursday 10:40 – 12:30 (MA 301)

Required Text:Mastering Strategic Management, Dave Ketchen, Jeremy Short Where to buy:

Course Description
This course is about the creation and maintenance of a long-term strategic vision for the firm and formulating a competitive strategy in accordance with that vision. This course builds and assumes understanding by the student on functional business areas such as marketing, accounting, finance, and information systems. To understand how a firm can alter or develop its strategic position, we will study many contemporary business theories and issues. These concepts will provide you with the tools necessary to conceptualize a firm’s competitive environment and resources. A real business environment does not generally pose clear questions or answers so creativity on part of the student is required.

Course Learning Objectives
Consideration of the business enterprise as a total system in a global environment; Analysis and evaluation of the problems, opportunities, and ethical responsibilities which face the chief executive of a business firm; Emphasis will be on the formulation and implementation of various strategies; Extensive use of the technique of case problem analysis.


1. 1. Class Participation/Attendance/Other
2. 2. Short Strategy Analysis
3. 3. Progressive Assessment 1
4. 4. Progressive Assessment 2
5. 5. Final Exam
6. 6. Strategy Project Paper
7. 7. Strategy Consulting Project Presentation
Total Available Points


1. Class Participation: Attendance/Participation/Other (Discretionary): Participation is highly encouraged and the instructor will call on class members. If you are not going to make class and have a good reason, e-mail me and I will take it into consideration. These points are purely discretionary, but both attendance and participation will weigh heavily. For many cultures participation is not encouraged, but you are in this culture, so you must participate. Also, English may not be your first language, once again, learn to participate, as bad English is not of issue.

Some students bring in their laptop/smart phone/tablet and play on line during class. These students receive a “0” for class participation and attendance. Please just stay home if you wish to chat with your friends via computer, it distracts the class and is disrespectful.

Questions to the presenters during the Consulting Project Presentation are expected and will also be included in this grade. I typically take role during the Consulting Project Presentations as it is very important for you to watch other presenters and attempt to codify your knowledge.

2. Short Strategy Analysis:
You will choose any firm. You cannot choose a firm that has already been analyzed, so tell me early which firm you want. Choose a specific SBU and by geographic. Do the analysis first, then find all the most important issues, select the top few (at least 3) and address what you are going to do about it. The students who have had the highest marks submit their project to me in advance so I can review and send back comments. Do not think that you can actually be accurate, just that you have identified issues and make practical suggestions based upon your analysis.

There is nothing to hand in, you will be graded purely on your presentation (see INSTRUCTOR’S CASE ANALYSIS FORM (for presentation)) how it will be graded.

Do not tell us what they are doing now, you tell us what they should be doing.

The presentation should be Power Point slides and last no more than 20 minutes. You will be...
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