Mercedes G65 Case Study

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2017 Mercedes-AMG S65 Cabriolet Unveiled; Gets A V12 Mill
The Mercedes G65, S65 and the S65 Coupe models received a very huge response all across the globe, and seeing this success it is no surprise that Mercedes made a decision to plonk the AMG twin-turbocharged V-12 mill into the bonnet of the 2017 Mercedes-AMG S65 Cabriolet.
Mercedes cars are simply top of the line in many aspects when compared with other German counterparts. So it is no surprise that the Cabriolet has come to be one stunning beauty from the floor of Germany’s biggest car manufacturer. The stunning beauty is a four-seater convertible that has some serious power and grunt to it. Though Mercedes has limited the top speed to 250 kmph, still the car is capable to hit the 100...

The new electrical steering also tuned for the new body and this means the driver will be in complete control of the car and the car is also now a great handling one with high response to even the slightest change in controls.
But the car is not loaded only on the outside, but on the inside as well. The S65 Cabriolet gets everything from the stables of Mercedes-AMG that one could imagine. There is a HUD (Heads Up Display) which displays all the key information of the vehicle such as speed, Navigation, traffic information and the important necessity. There is also a touchpad surface which acts as the input as well as multimedia hub for the car.
As for the driving comfort the car gets a lot of electronic driving aids with the car along with the usual ABS and EBD. It also gets various drive modes like Regular, City, Economy, Sports, Hill Assist, etc. There is also a Driving Assistance Package including a Distronic Plus System which is a cruise control system from Mercedes. Along with it there is Steering Assist autonomous highway driving and Stop & Go traffic crawling assist. There are also various warning systems, the new LED adaptable headlights and automatic braking features included in the driver’s aid...
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