Mercedes-Benz: Marketing Case Study

Topics: Marketing, Russia, Luxury vehicle Pages: 6 (208 words) Published: January 14, 2015
Question 3

Auguste Kupstaityte, Daniela Dahla, Jekaterina Valasenko, Migle Laskauskaite

Question 3: Identify the factors that could potentially be
used by Mercedes-Benz to assess the attractiveness of
a particular market segment.

Evaluating market segments:

market attractiveness and capability to compete.

Market attractiveness can be assessed using:

market factors,
competitive factors,
political, social and environmental factors.

Market factors

Mercedes-Benz recently entered a large-scale,
competitive segment with great growth rates.

Price sensitivity and potential of making a profit are both
important factors to the company assessing market

Mercedes-Benz is a well-established company and has a
high brand-awareness.

As a result, it also has the bargaining power of customers
and suppliers and can afford to overcome entry/exit

Competitive factors

Competition is increasing in the luxury car industry.

Competitors, such as Audi & BMW, are already
established in the younger market.

Mercedes-Benz has to consider repositioning,
adapting brand image and changes in marketing

Political, environmental and
social factors

Political, economical and environmental factors
affecting sales.

High growth rates in Russia, Japan and BRIC

New social trends are emerging, younger audience
is tech-savvy.


Mercedes-Benz has to consider different factors
before entering new market segments.

The company needs to adapt their positioning
strategy in order to stay a market leader.

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