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The recent growth in the luxury car market in India is much more than mere market dynamics in a particular car segment. It is a reflection of the changing lifestyle of the affluent class in the country.

Luxury car majors in India - Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi put together have around 85% market share. The German car brand Mercedes-Benz had first-mover advantage as it had started operations in India in 1995 and there was no direct competition in this category. So, it remained ‘Numero Uno’ luxury car brand in India for more than a decade. But, market dynamics have changed significantly after the entry of BMW in 2006 followed by Audi in 2007.

After conducting a qualitative and quantitative research, the report on the sales management of Mercedes-Benz on the lines of regaining its ‘Numero Uno’ position; is presented to the reader helping him to derive maximum value from the research. The report covers every aspect of the marketing and sales process of Mercedes-Benz M-class from a local (Ahmedabad) dealer’s point of view.

The areas covered in the report are the job description, job profile, sales force requirement calculation, segmentation, product-market grid, product description, competitive analysis, marketing strategy, MIS report, training document and budgetary systems and other financials.


Sr. No.| TOPICS| Pg. No.|
1| General information| 4|
2| Product-market grid & Benefit statement| 5|
3| Call-sheet| 6|
4| Job description of the territory manager| 7|
5| Job profile of the sales person| 8|
6| Product description| 9|
7| Market segmentation| 13|
8| Sales force required & territory allocation| 15|
9| Competition| 18|
10| Competitive analysis| 19|
11| Consumer profile| 21|
12| Marketing strategy| 23|
13| Sales projection| 26|
14| Training document| 29|
15| MIS report| 33|
16| Closing material| 36|
17| Financials| 37|

Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz were born only 60 miles apart in southern Germany. In 1886, Carl Benz built a motorized tricycle, produced trucks. And Gottlieb Daimler built a horseless carriage. In 1888, Daimler made a business deal with William Steinway (of piano fame) to produce Daimler's products in the US. From 1904 until a fire in 1907, Steinway produced Mercedes passenger cars, Daimler's light trucks, and his engines on Long Island. Moreover, Benz and Daimler signed an "Agreement of Mutual Interest" in 1924. The two companies merged on June 28th 1926 and named Mercedes-Benz. This is a very important event which highlights Mercedes-Benz’s foundation. Let’s now take a look at Mercedes logo. We can see, this is Mercedes - Benz Logo. Mercedes’ logo

This has been around since the 1920s; the three pointed star of Mercedes’ logo has been designed to represent their domination over the land, the air and the sea. I think Mercedes’ logo has a meaningful content which express Mercedes’ power. First, it was used on a Daimler in 1909, a laurel wreath was added in 1926 to signify the union with Benz, and later was simplified to the current logo design in 1937. This may be the spiritual way of looking at the logo, but nowadays Mercedes - Benz owners probably do not look at the logo in that way. The Mercedes- Benz’s logo is a symbol of reliability, speed and quality of workmanship. Today, Mercedes Benz is especially important on the race track. Many race car drivers choose the Mercedes Benz logo for their own car. So you should know that you will have a quality car. All the time that Mercedes Benz are designing and racing cars. It means that...
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