Topics: Personality psychology, Psychology, Management Pages: 5 (1602 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Student name: Altanay Murad
Student ID: M00397646
Workshop tutor: Michael Cardoso
Workshop lessons – Monday 10.30; 12.30


HRM 1120

Submission Deadline: 19th of April

Module leader: Ms Sara Calvo

Word count = 1,557

First, I will explain what is Human Resource Management, what is this module concerned with, what I have learned and which topics were the most interesting and valuable for me. Secondly, my feeling towards the module and comments will be included as well. Overall I really enjoyed the module, and for the question ‘Why did I?’ are outlined below. What I understand from Human Resource Management? In my opinion, we should never consider it as a simple part of a bigger study, because we study Business Management and all of the modules which are included are as important as studied by themselves. HRM is both the art of managing people by recourse to creative and innovative approaches; it is a science as well because of the precision and rigorous application of theory that is required. When seen from this approach HRM sounds extremely complicated. However, it is but everyone is some kind of introduced into it, even in the most basic form- philosophy, psychology are such micro topic examples I studied in secondary school and all parts of the macro topic which is HRM. Human Resource Management looks deep into the nature and the function within an organisation. The module also encapsulates topics such as motivation, personality, culture, self- development and many more.

I had some basic knowledge from my study in secondary school about HRM. Although, it was overall and all I knew of HRM was it was a function in an organisation that carries out certain tasks i.e. administration, training, hiring, compensation and performance management. And in my first lecture I understood it is more interesting that I thought. Attending the HRM classes has taught me that HRM is not just a function in an organisation but there’s more, it is the way people have to learn to behave within a particular organization. If we consider an organization as a human being, the whole organization is the body, whereas the HRM is the way of thinking, behaving, culture, personality of that body. The first lecture was during second week and it was on organisational behaviour. Because organizations do not behave, it was about the people within the organization. Every person is a differentiation, so organizational behaviour can be divided to macro- organization and micro- individual. The term ‘organizational dilemma’ is this exact fact that individual goals can be quite different from the collective purpose of the organization’s activity; this can have negative effect in the organization’s effectiveness. Also an aspect of organisational behaviour that really intrigued me was cognitive psychology the internal mental process of an individual. When I compare the behaviourism and cognitive psychologies, I use this example: People smoke. The behaviourism shows how many smokers enjoy smoking, for example 60% of smokers enjoy it. Whereas, cognitive psychology cannot be measured- people smoke because they enjoy it, but how much? The knowledge I gained from the first lecture was HRM is more than just a function in an organisations it’s also to do with psychology. The work of Carl Jung on personality is something that I had never ever heard about, but it took my attention deeply. In this lecture I learnt the big five personality trait clusters- openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism. Each individual is a type, because everyone is different. But you can put people in bigger types like introvert or extravert. The study of personality had very much fascinated me and really captured me so therefore I decided to do more research on it. Interestingly, I came across the personality test ( which I decided to take and my...
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