Meralco Corporate Wellness Center

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To find out the standard transaction time of patients at CWC, the team conducted a survey to get the acceptable transaction time from the point of view of the patients from the time of registration up to the dispensing of medicines. The Acceptable Transaction Time was 25 minutes. The team then conducted a Time and Motion study to get the actual transaction time and the result was 41 minutes. There was a 16-minute difference in the transaction time. There were several factors attributed to the long transaction time such as: Records section does not monitor the queuing of the patient’s; many patient’s are asking for medicine instruction at Pharmacy; breakdown of the paging system; lack of information on delegation procedures for signing of outside prescriptions. The solutions implemented to solved the identified problem were the following: use of tally sheets at Records section to monitor queuing of patients, enhancement of queuing facility at E-Wellness, automatic issuance of medicine prescription at Pharmacy, and the recommendation to replace the paging system. Therefore, they were able to reduce the long transaction time of the patients from 41 to 24 minutes and thus, satisfying the acceptable standard transaction time of the patient i.e. twenty-four minutes by February 2008. BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY

The Corporate Wellness Center (CWC) stands inside Meralco compound right at the heart of the business district of Ortigas, Pasig City. It is under the Human Resouce Operations which is basically in charge of the medical benefits mainly of active Meralco employee on the other hand CWC also caters retirees and Meralco’s subsidiaries. It is a two-storey building comprises of Adminitrative Office, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Dental, Emergency Room, Operating Room, Dietary Section, and Specialty Clinics. CWC is considered an Ambulatory Surgical Clinic fully accredited by Philhealth and the Department of Health. This project was the team’s entry to the Work Improvement Team (WIT) competition held within Meralco annually in which all departments have their own project presented during the competition and the best project were chosen to represent Meralco in the National Congregation for WIT. Unfortunately, this project was not chosen to represent Meralco in the National Congregation for WIT but the project made it to the finals. The Work Improvement Team of CWC chose this project to be able to determine the transaction time per patient. CWC is purely a service-oriented department in Meralco so the team was formed to compete and determine the causes of the delay for each patient transaction eventually formulating solutions to solve the problem. Also, the CWC WIT team wanted to determine if the transaction time per patient is in accordance to the CWC goals. Like any other service-oriented department, delay is highly affects the performance of CWC that connotes negative effects internally and the whole organization itself. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM

The purpose of this study is to understand and know the factors that contributed to the long transaction time of the patient at CWC and the 16-minute difference from the standard transaction time of 25 minutes versus the actual transaction time of 41 minutes from January to October 2007. This also aims to assess the effects on the probable root causes of the problem.

Specifically the study was conducted to:
• To know how does the problem affect the employees at CWC in terms of the Consultation Process. • To formulate alternative solutions in improving the long transaction process.

The main objective of this study is to reduce the average transaction time of employees at CWC from 41 minutes to 25 minutes by February 2008. The study is supported...
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