Menu Planning

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Menu represents the range of food and beverage items offered. When it is represented on a card it is called menu card. Menu should be attractive, informative and gastronomically sound as it reflects the establishment. It is one of the most important ingredients in the success of an organisation, so it must agree with the concept. The concept must be based on what the guest in the target market expects. The menus must exceed the expectation.

Factors influencing menu planning are:
1. Type of menu
2. Considerations in menu
3. Writing the menu
4. Financial aspect of menu

* A` la carte menus –offer items that are individually priced. * Table d’hôte menus – offer a selection of one or more items for each course at affixed price. The advantage is the perception guests have of receiving good value. * Du jour menus – list the items of the day

The other classification could be;
* Fixed menu – list of items, this does not change and is limited. * Cyclic menus – repeat themselves over a period of time. 2. CONSIDERATIONS IN MENU PLANNING
* Needs and desires of guests
-Menu should not be what the owner or manager wants.
- Menu is determined by a particular demand in the market.
-It must harmonize with the theme.
* Capabilities of cooks
-The capacity of cooks must harmonize with the menu concept. - Length of menu and guest to be served are the factors in determining the extent of cook’s capacity. -An approximate level of expertise must be employed to match the peak demands and culinary expertise expected by guest.

* Equipment capacity and layout
-Menu must be designed with regard to the capacity and layout of equipment -Match the menu with equipment and production scheduling
* Consistency and availability of menu ingredients.
* Ingredients should be available all year round
* Nutritional value
-Most people these days are concerned about nutrition-(minimise fat and sodium intake)...
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