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Laying out a menu is not easy. There are creative and simple menu styles in many different F&B establishments that are known to be the most important marketing tool for the restaurant. The menu should reflect the concept as well as the selected food items that are being sold by the particular restaurant. It is one way to communicate with the customers, which is why the menu should be easy to understand to avoid confusion to those who utilizes it by reading or understanding what the restaurant represents. The menu that was chosen are two well known Spanish Food & Beverage establishments located in Bangsar which are La Bodega and Cava. The report focuses on different physical aspects and background information from both establishments.

Background Information

La Bodega literally known as the “Place to hide out”. They serve a variety of tapas, paella, great cocktails and Spanish wines. ‘Tapas’ means “lid” that is used to replace cover of wine glasses or sherry by using slices of bread in small shops to keep the flies out. It is originally an Andalusian custom and is now part of the gastronomic culture throughout Spain, which is an informal style of eating. Spaniards has been stopping by at tapas bars after work to spend time with family and friends or patrons to spend time together. In Malaysia, the first shop was opened in 1999 in the heart of Bangsar and has expanded into many other locations since then. The concept of the franchise reflects a warm welcoming atmosphere and has managed to generate a healthy crowd of regulars as their guest. It is known to be a famous gathering spot for meeting up with old friends while enjoying the Spanish comfort food known as tapas accompanied by great cocktails and excellent choices of Spanish wines.

On the other hand we have another competitive Spanish and Mediterranean food and beverage establishment called Cava. It is known to be a respective restaurant when it comes to Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine. Cava’s concept reflects the best side of Spanish cuisine along with the many varieties of Spanish wine to conclude the taste buds of those who enjoy Spanish food. Unlike La Bodega’s expansion, Cava is an exclusive restaurant located in the famous gastro-adventure destination for food enthusiast, which is located in Bangsar as well.


Cava’s logo reflects and advertises the pairing of Spanish wines along with the designated cuisine. The elegant cursive written words demonstrates certain elegance throughout the restaurant ambiance. Whereas La Bodega is conceptualizing tapas and Spanish wines. When we are looking at the logo as consumers, La Bodega gives out the impression of a classic Spanish bar due to the font style that has been used but also it depends on the personal knowledge to guess what the La Bodega means and conceptualize.

Font size/ color/ type

When we are looking at the size, color and font type in the both menus. La Bodega restaurant used dark red colored font at white color background to make the font stand out so the customers would catch the words quickly. The description of the food names printed in slightly smaller font size in brown color that is a benefit for customers to save time in reading through the words. The space between the words is not crowded therefore the customers would not have problems squinting at the menu.

Cava used simply only black colors for each different dish name and description, which is seemingly less likely interesting than La Bodega’s. It does not help customers in reading under the shadowy light; the crowded words stresses on our eyes and could bored the customers reading it again because of the substantially less colors used.

If we look at the La Bodega’s font type used, its Arial Narrow, which has a vague looking, that communicate with customers without any doubt, compare to the font type Cava used as similar to the Big Carlson font type. Arial Narrow tends to be slimmer than...

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