Topics: Bank, Balanced scorecard, Communication Pages: 2 (358 words) Published: November 10, 2010
1.)Identify one or two of the biggest issues in the case.
Menton Bank, which had normally focused on corporate businesses, was trying to switch their focus on retail consumer banking. They made a number of changes ranging from new electronic banking, automated services, financial services and to the positions/responsibilities of employees. From what I can tell, all of these changes were made without an effective marketing strategy, leaving the main responsibility of communicating these new changes to the CSRs, who had received the least amount of training and who were also being evaluated on quickness of service.

2.)How might a balanced scorecard approach assist?
A balanced scorecard approach can assist with Menton’s strategies, objectives and performance goals if all branches within the bank evaluated their employees on the same key performance indicators, such as financial, customer, process and staff objectives.

3.)What other information would be useful for you to have if you were in the role of a consultant? •Other information that I would find useful is what other strategies are being used to advertise the new services. Also, I would evaluate whether or not if having both the positions of CARs and CSRs were really necessary. It would be more convenient for the customer to work with the CSR entirely instead of being sent to the CAR for new services.

4.)What action do you recommend with regards to the specific problem of filling the head CSR role? Why? •Candidates strengths and weaknesses:
Karen Miller Strengths – fast and accurate, pleasing personality, liked by others in the bank. Weaknesses – lacks in selling ability. Jean Warshawski strengths – good memory, good communication skills, ability to sell. Weaknesses – Poor accuracy and efficiency, not presentable, tardiness. Curtis Richter strengths – intelligent, experience as head CSR at another branch. Weaknesses – not exposed in a consultative program before. •I would recommend that...
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