Mentalist: Debut Albums and Proper Eye Contact

Topics: Debut albums, Consciousness, Mind Pages: 2 (588 words) Published: March 12, 2012
I'm sure anyone and everyone addicted to The Mentalist knows what it feels like to crave for that mind power Patrick Jane uses on a daily basis (or per episode at least). I love it when he uses it to solve cases and specially when he helps people overcome their weaknesses and general issues. One of my favorite episodes was that time Jane was hypnotizing Rigsby and trying to un-hypnotize him. It's just so intriguing to imagine how 'free will' can be modified using a soft tongue and a few pressure-point pokes. If I could have any form of super power, I've always wanted the ability to manipulate minds. Well, I'm no real-life mentalist but here are a few practical tips on how to begin practicing the power of suggestion. Avoid the 3 N's - No, Not, Never

Agree with your subject at all times. It doesn't help to contradict. His or her mind will be more open to hearing you out if you start with an affirmative. Start with lines that, "You have a good point there. But I'm sure you'll also agree when I say..." It helps to draw from your subject's own words. Ex. "It's good that you mentioned how cloudy it was that day. I even had to bring an umbrella. Perhaps you can be more forgiving. I'm sure it was the bed weather that made him late." Highlight one of his arguments or ideas. It subconsciously assures him/her that you're listening well to what he/she has to say. That way, your subject will trust you more and in turn listen well to you too. Make Eye Contact but Don't Stare

Look me in the eye and show me some form of sincerity!
Not to be mistaken as staring, which is consciously making a blank face and overly focusing on something. The proper eye contact needs to be more casual to seem more natural and honest. With your eyes, communicate empathy. Always, always, always make it clear that you are on his/her side. Angle all your statements to show that you have your subject's best interest at heart. Share in the pain if you want to help him/her overcome hurt. Show...
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