Mental Retardation in American Society

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Mental Retardation in American Society

Mental retardation is a very serious illness, and most of the American population is ignorant regarding the subject. Approximately 3 percent of people in the U.S. are considered mentally retarded. With a percentage like this, the ignorance on the subject is bizarre. The nation has adopted slang terms such as "retard", to insult others. Using this term is a way to call someone stupid. But there is a lot that people do not understand about mental disabilities. The study of the illness is actually a very complex topic. There are many parts that build up the subject. The definition of mental retardation is: significantly sub-average general intellectual functioning, existing concurrently with deficits in adaptive behavior and manifested during the developmental period, that adversely affects a child's educational performance.

Mental retardation is a term used when someone has limitations in their mental functioning. They also are limited in skills such as communicating, self-care, and social skills. These limitations cause a child to learn and develop slower than an ordinary individual. Children with mental retardation may take longer when learning to speak, walk, and take care of their personal needs such as dressing or eating. They are likely to have trouble learning in school. They will learn, but it will take them longer. There are usually things they cannot learn.

There are many causes of mental retardation. They include; genetic conditions, pregnancy troubles, birth difficulties, and health problems. In some cases irregular genes inherited from the parents can cause mental retardation. Mental retardation can be the cause of baby not developing properly when in the womb. This could be the effect of the mother consuming alcohol or drugs during pregnancy. At birth, if a newborn does not receive enough oxygen, the result could be mental retardation. Many health problems are the basis for mental...

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