Mental Retardation

Topics: Mental retardation, Intelligence quotient, Down syndrome Pages: 3 (764 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Mental Retardation (MR)
Haythem Abdelli, L1 G2B

Subject: Mentally retarded Person
A mentally retarded person has a bad and an abnormal behavior and also insufficiency in his intellectual and psychism. Mental disability (traditionally called mental retardation) is a generalized disorder seen before adulthood, characterized by a deficit and cognitive dysfunction in two or more adaptive functioning. It is historically defined as having a score of 70 in intelligence quotients. Based almost entirely on cognition, the definition now includes mental functioning and functional capacity of an individual related to the environment. An individual with an IQ undervalued can be considered mentally retarded. The reasons of the mentally retarded can be from a wrong metabolism, since the child is born, it can be also from a déffaillance in nerves system! It can be from very bad nutrition since the birth like it in “Ethiopia”. Genetically it can be from an incompatibility of a couple and hereditary from the last generations like grand father or mother It exists some other reasons like an emotional choc (death/abusing) or an accident, like a serious choc on the had witch cause an internal bleeding or destruction of certain cerebral compartment related to the psychics’. An emotional choc can have a negative effects on the personality and behave a child of human being and a loose of logic sow they need one followed psychiatric …… The mentally retarded has a big difficultly to record and to remember easily what he learned, they have a slower brain ability; development. Example: a 40 years old human being with brain of 6 years old child. There are many different kind of mental undeveloped and low mental level: “Mild mental retardation

Approximately 85% of the mentally retarded population is in the mildly retarded category. Their IQ score ranges from 50-75, and they can often acquire academic skills up to the 6th grade level. They...

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