Mental Models

Topics: Goal, Model, Bud Pages: 3 (823 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Mental models are ways in which an individual processes information in there minds. Psychologist Kenneth Craig suggested that individuals build small complex models to anticipate events in reality. It is a representation of reality, intuitively perceived by an individual. AAA Transportations and its employees, Vernon and Bud, are having a conflict between each others individual mental models. Vernon, the driver supervisor, and Bud, a corporate worker, have been working for AAA Transportations for over 20 years. Vernon and Buds mental models are based on the long-term knowledge and understanding of the companies market as well as its organizational goals. A different approach is taken by the new owners, they believe that in order for the company to flourish it must become more efficient and also must expand its market. Their mental models are of more business achievement. They are not interested in the existing state of the business and they do not share the same mindset of its employees. Although both parties do not agree, the new owners understand that the support of the companies employees is essential to the business achievement. The company must attempt to change the mindset of the two members of the company, Vernon and Bud.

In order for AAA Transportations to achieve its new goals common mental models must be implemented to its employees for it to be successful. It is highly important for AAA Transportations to make every effort to gain the support of key employees of their organization to idealize the new goals. AAA Transportations does not wish to cause disturbance within the employees by terminating those who do not agree with its new business direction. Instead AAA Transportations goal is to adjust the mental models in which Vernon and Bud see the organization and its goals.

Recognizing the limits of existing models, testing the models in the changing environment, overcoming challenges of the new model, and implementing the new model. These four...
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