Mental Model Mindsets Paper

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Mental Model/Mindsets Paper
Wiletra Brittian
Sunday, January 25, y
Sharmieka Rountree

AAA is a transportation company that has been an industry leader in the transports of goods and services, currently the company is planning on innovation and expansion for a more competitive edge. AAA Transportation is an interstate trucking company that specializes in transporting wholesale produce in refrigerated trailers throughout the Midwest. With the company under new management and new reform underway to create more revenue and success. The changes have been vast, with the addition of added services like delivery of nonperishable products, such as canned foods, to their delivery routes, allowing AAA to expand the area they cover and to provide expanded service to their existing customers. They think that, because many of the routes do not require a full load on the trucks, there is room to add the nonperishable goods and provide delivery at a lower rate than the customers are now paying. With two long time employees, Vernon and Bud at odds with the new reform of the companies new policies and vision, it is the human resources job to mold the new mental mindset into the very valuable employees. Vernon, who has been supervisor of the company drivers for about twenty-years. Vernon's lack of faith in the new goals of expanding out the normal core business services. While Bud who works in the corporate office, has also has been with the company for twenty years. Bud thinks that AAA is not strong enough to compete with existing companies that service the nonperishable foods market (several of whom AAA has had a long history of mutually respecting each others’ customers and routes); they risk alienating long-term customers; and transporting nonperishable goods in refrigerated trailers is inefficient. Both these employees are extremely valuable to the company, but their lack of vision and currently inability to change their mindsets and welcome the change is making the transition more difficult for the company as a whole. This paper will define the four plausible mental model mindsets, and their potential to change the views of both Vernon and Bud.

Mental Models represent the way an individual processes things, the way a person finds meaning and interprets the message. From birth people are subjected to the way the system of how things are supposed to be, and this engulfment of the worlds-views on how the system works makes it hard to change the mindsets of others. It creates boundaries, and limitations on the willingness to change their views on certain situations. “Mental model/mindsets play a significant role in affecting the reasoning, cognition and decision making abilities of individuals. Thus, mental models and mindsets have substantial influence on the behavior and actions of individuals. People use their mindset to filter information and thus develop selective thoughts and perception of issues. (Davidson & Weltz,1999).”

There are five impactful way that mental models and mindsets are influenced. The first and most influential being personal experience, society builds its views and consciousness of the world based on their personal experiences. How individuals live and think of a daily basis derive from what they have learned. Vernon and Bud have both been with the company for twenty years, they both feel they are connoisseurs in their trade of the transportation of perishable goods and the expansion of target audiences with AAA company. This particular mindset shows that the more vast a personal knowledge and experience with protocol and procedures, in this case AAA history, the more difficult it will be to convert these learned skill and knowledge into something new. Vernon and Bud are less likely to adapt to the added on services and expansion, than a new hire would be.

The four that follow are reward, which states that people will be more to adapt and support...

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