Mental Health Nursing in the Filipino Culture

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Mental Health Nursing in the Filipino CultureKaplan College
Mental Health Nursing in the Filipino CultureIn the realm of Mental Health Nursing, there are various cultures and religions that a Mental Health Nurse will encounter with this particular patient population. Each culture has particular aspects that make it unique and offers challenges that make a plan of care for the mental disorder an exercise of empathy. The Filipino Culture offers the challenge of a culture steeped in religious mysticism in a Catholic Framework that may often make it difficult to explain and treat mental disorders from a western perspective. Furthermore, a sense of saving face in the Filipino community has made many cases of mental disorders and abuse hidden from caregivers and are left untreated. The importance of prayer and spiritual counseling cannot be overemphasized in the Filipino Culture. Challenges in life are often a test of one's Spirituality and a test of strength of their faith in God. Filipinos tend to be passive and patient and are prone to being exploited, accepting suffering as a sacrifice for the greater good when events are perceived as being beyond their control. A strong sense of religion focuses the Filipino toward alternative forms of medicine. During the precolonialist period and even in our current modern age, treatment of mental and physical conditions would involve rituals aimed at reversing punishment from the spiritual world and restoring balance in the physical world. These concepts were supplanted by a more biomedical approach as Western medicine was introduced during the American era. Instead of going to physicians, many approach "albularyos" (faith healers). These indigenous healers use herbs, massage, oils, and prayer as treatments. A popular example are the "Psychic Surgeries" where a Faith Healer would pull through a patient's skin a tumor located internally in the body without producing an incision or would that needs care. Although these...

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