Mental Health

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1.1 Analyse the principal functions of a Mental Health Worker. Principal functions of a mental health worker are:
* Face to face client work - supporting the delivery of brief interventions and self help for people with common mental disorders of all ages. For example, working with clients with panic disorder and major depression using cognitive behavioural approaches.  * Promoting positive mental health and awareness of the importance of addressing mental health issues. * Strengthening the information available for patients about mental health. * Improving knowledge held within a GP practice about the network of community resources available for people with mental health problems. * Wider community networking and liaison

* Their responsible for arranging the services a client needs and reviewing these to ensure they meet the client’s needs. * They assist clients in a number of settings and work with not only individuals, but also families, communities. * Organisation and groups, promoting the psychological wellbeing and health of a client 1.2 Analyse the three principal types of advocacy and evaluate their importances Independent Professional Advocacy

* Professional advocacy is for people who need help to represent their views during a time of major change or crisis. * A paid advocacy worker works with a person to help them 'speak up' for themselves or represents their views for them. * An advocacy worker may only need to work with a person for a short time. * They represent People who are unable to do so for themselves. * They work on the side of the person

* They are Trained in different issues
* Their Supported by other staff
* Their in contact with other professionals such as care managers, community nurses etc * they Kept up to date with latest information
The importance of this type of advocacy is they:
* Safeguard people who are vulnerable and discriminated against, or who services find difficult to serve. * Empower people who need a stronger voice, by enabling them to express their own needs and make their own decisions. * Enable people to gain access to information, explore and understand their options, and to make their views and wishes known, they Speak on behalf of their clients, to express their wishes Peer or Collective Advocacy

This involves a number of people coming together in other to explore ways in which they can have their stories and opinions heard. This group of people join together to speak for their rights and campaign on the issues that affect more than one person, The importance of this type of advocacy is:

It group of people helping each other to join ideas to move forward in life, some of the things peer advocacy campaign on include employment, education, social and support activities. Therefore is important because they do thing like peer education, this is where young people teach other each other about different issues which are important, like giving them information they need to make a living. Peer advocacy is important, it support people, from moving of school, looking for a job and social activities Citizen Advocacy:

Citizen advocacy is about establishing relationships between people labelled as having a learning disability and members of the community. It is a way of helping to create long-term relationships between people in the community who perhaps would not have met under everyday circumstances. An advocate and client will spend time getting to know each other and the advocate will support their client to ensure their voice is heard, on occasions it may be necessary for an advocate to speak up for their partner. Advocates and their client will socialise in their local communities and participate in things they both enjoy. Having a citizen advocate allows a person to have somebody in their life who is independent, unpaid and just for them. Advocates make sure that their clients have an influence...
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