Mental Disorder and Broken Family

Topics: Mental disorder, Family, Marriage Pages: 18 (5794 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Chapter One: Research Problem
1.1 Background of the Study
1.2A Statement of the Problem
1.2B Statement of the Objectives
1.3 Hypothesis
1.4 Significance of the Study
1.5 Scope and Limitations of the Study

Chapter Two: Review of Related Literature
2.1 Related Legal Basis
2.2 Foreign Literature
2.3 Local Literature

Chapter Three: The Research Framework
3.1 Conceptual Framework
3.2 Operational Framework

Chapter Four: Research Methodology
4.1 Research Design
4.2 Research Respondents/Participants
4.3 Research Instruments
4.4 Research Locale
4.5 Data Gathering
4.6 Data Analysis/Interpretation

Chapter Five: Summary, Conclusion, Recommendations
5.1 Summary of Findings
5.2 Conclusion
5.3 Recommendation

Background of Broken Family

  Family is the basic unit of society (Kozier & Erb’s).   This is the most important component of a country. A home is where a family lives. It may be alternated   to the word ‘house’ but a house is more appropriately   referring to the material structure, whereas ‘home’ refers to the intangible things that bind together the family members. It is the immeasurable love and care that keeps together the mother, father and their children.  A home where good values and virtues are commonly taught by the family. Aside from providing an environment conducive to physical growth and health, the family must also create an atmosphere that would influence the cognitive and psychological growth of its member. If the needs of the individual family members are met, the other members are able to reach out to others in the family, the community, and society as a whole. No matter how ideal a family in the terms of their relationship, there are still hardships and misunderstandings that will come along the way. It is just part of any relationship anyway. But the sad part is when one of the family members gave up and the others have no choice but to accept and let go. Thus, the family starts to be broken. Background of the Study

Single parenting or broken family is a very important social issue that can have significant effects on a child’s academic performance.   Children who are raised in a single family home are at risk of not reaching their full potential.   Students within the educational system.

Statement of the Problem
The main problem of the study is to correlate the attitude and behavior of teenagers who belong in a broken family and the teenagers who have good family.

Teenagers who belong in Broken Family:

Birth to Two Years of Age
* Infant distress is recognizable through moods of fussiness and disturbed eating and sleeping patterns. Toddlers can revert to separation anxiety and become clingy, fearful or withdrawn. Two to Four Years of Age

* Distress signs in this age group are marked by verbal outbursts of anger, power struggles and tantrums. Children may also regress to earlier behaviors such as bed wetting, thumb sucking and needing to be held.

Five to 12 Years of Age
* School age children may show signs of withdrawal and have a difficult time concentrating in school. Emotions can range from sadness to anger. Difficulty with friendships and aggressive behaviors are not uncommon. There is a tendency for children to develop physical symptoms of stress, such as stomachaches and headaches. 12 to 15 Years of Age

* Preteens and early adolescents have a difficult time with parent loyalty and can often pit one parent against the other in an attempt to control the situation. They may refuse to live with one parent or another. Children in this age group may become defiant with moodiness and depression setting in. Escapism through drinking, drugs and sexual activity may arise. 16 to 18 Years of Age

* An unstable home may derail the normal steps toward independence in this age group. Children may experience depression and loss of interest in school,...
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