Topics: Plato, Virtue, Wisdom Pages: 2 (458 words) Published: September 23, 2013
Interoperation of Meno Final Paragraphs
In the conclusion to the Meno, Socrates comes to say that the virtue is a kind of wisdom, however not even the most philanthropic men in all the world are capable of having this understanding. Socrates and Meno then come to the conclusion that this is why the two of them have failed to find virtue or a virtuous man. This makes one wonder what virtue truly is if Socrates states that no man possess such wisdom. Socrates in the final paragraphs of the Meno, States that “true opinion becomes knowledge though the process of recollection” (Plato). Socrates gives Meno several examples of how knowledge and true opinion are similar but knowledge is respected more than opinion. Socrates gives Meno the sample of a guide on the road to Larissa, whether the guide has knowledge of the way or really he has a true opinion about the way. Either way he gets to Larissa. This then leads Socrates to ask Meno, "why is knowledge prized far more highly than right opinion, and why are they different?"(Plato). After this example and a few others that are similar, they come to say that opinion becomes true knowledge through the process of recollection. This leads the men back to their opening question of how do men become virtuous. After discussing a bit longer they come to a rather uneasy conclusion that virtue cannot be taught, it is innate, and rather it is a gift from the Gods. On this note Socrates leaves the two men not knowing what virtue is and making them believe that no one has it and if they discover virtue they will be the first to posse it. The Meno ends as Socrates bids them farewell and reminds to keep seeking virtue.

This is a rather strange ending and makes one wonder what and how does one obtain virtue if no one has it. In order to gain virtue it seems as though one must be taught or learn from watching a virtuous person to gain the insight of virtue. However, if virtue is wisdom and knowledge is a recollection how does one...
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