Mendel Patterns of Inheritance

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Mendel on Patterns of Inheritance

Mendel was the first to see that traits in each person were passed down, not just from the parents, but also from grandparents, great-grandparents, great-great-grandparents, etc. He also figured out that not every person is the same as his or her own parents. Some of these traits can come from other family members that are no longer living. Mendel is the first to also describe these traits as passages through the generations. There are at least three reasons for Mendel’s success; 1) He focused on just a few traits – seven to be exact – instead of many traits as others did; 2) he thoroughly documented and quantified all of his experimental results; and 3) he chose to study these traits in the garden pea, Pisum sativum.

With Mendel’s novel, he talks about how traits are passed on by ones parents. That these traits are passed on as a whole and not usually unaltered to the offspring. Mendel also realized that with the reproduction, each parent would contribute one hereditary factor to his and her offspring. This means that the trait giving to each individual that he or she has one maternally derived factor and one paternally derived factor, thus having one factor from his or her mother and one from his or her father.

Some of the advantages that Mendel had when choosing the garden pea to do his experiments on was that of, Mendel as a young boy grew up in the fields of growing foods. He was born to a peasant farmer. Mendel also knew just what would need to be done and how to grow these items as well. He went on to become a priest at the age of twenty-one but still studied things such as plant breeding and wanting to understand more about hereditary.

Out of the six major concluding principles that Mendel hypothesized about, I chose to do one, two, and six. With one, it talks about how the hereditary characteristics are passed down from the parents to the children. These basic units of inheritance are known as a...
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