Men Make a House, Women Make a Home

Topics: Mother, Gender, Gender role Pages: 2 (576 words) Published: October 17, 2012
“Men make a house, women make a home” and it tends to be precise throughout the history until now. This idea does not mean that men are not important in raising children but as we look over daily family life, women are closer to children than men. When children are in danger, the first word they shout is: “Mommy, help me”. In fact, women have usually proven themselves to be superior parents as a result of those reasons. Good Afternoon to all of you present here today. I will be speaking on the topic ‘Are women better parents than men?’ Women by nature, have feminine qualities for nurturing children. As such, they are found to be better parents than men. However the role of men in child-rearing cannot be undermined. Men are most necessary if children have to be fully aware of the roles of both genders. But women have proved themselves superior parents thanks to their feminine qualities, soft skills, less aggressive nature and their generally better communication skills. From an evolutionary psychological perspective, children are more important to their mothers than to their fathers, and, as a result, their loss would be more devastating to their mothers than to their fathers. It is not difficult to find abundant evidence for the fact that mothers are more dedicated to their children than fathers. First of all, women obtain more familial condition than men. Since they are very young, females enjoy learning about nurturing. They take care of younger brothers or sister. Girls sympathize in the essential role of their mothers. Secondly, girls are less aggressive, and their stamina is much better than men. Men are usually proven to be aggressive. Moreover, it has been reported that it would be better if you raise your children with calmness, sweetness but sometimes with sternness. Women are considered as sensitive, therefore, they know how to conduct flexibly, aware when to support the children or when to teach them. Having offspring is hard, but raising them to...
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