Men in Black

Topics: Unidentified flying object, Extraterrestrial life, United States Air Force Pages: 2 (553 words) Published: October 8, 1999
The Men in Black, are they a group employed by the government to cover up knowledge of extra terrestrials, aliens themselves, or merely a modern urban legend started by the mentally unstable. We are unable to answer this, but we will do our best to give you the proper information to have your own opinion. The M.I.B. are said to visit people shortly after an encounter with aliens. Different people say different things about them, but basically they all agree on their appearance. They are said to be tall, pale with abnormal features. They are said to have a very queer presence. It is not very human, some say they talk without moving their lips, and have monotonal, or mechanical voices. They drive vintage luxury cars that are in mint condition. They sometimes have writing on the side, and the license plates are usually untraceable. They are said to have a sort of a glow coming from the inside, but they have no headlights. If a person were to have an encounter with an extra-terrestrial, as the "myth" goes, they would be visited shortly after by a member of the MIB. They most often appear in-groups of three. As the story goes the officer working for the MIB states that he is with the government and quickly flashes an identity card. After the encounter the members of the MIB do not seem to have any record with the government. Witness's of the encounters are told not to tell anybody of what they saw and often feel ill several day's after the encounter. The MIB are said to have a supernatural feel. Dogs, which are normally very aggressive, seem to be scared of them. Also they usually port wigs or Make-up to make them more "human looking." They also are known to be fascinating with the simplest things such as bowls of Jell-Oä or ballpoint pens, and often ask very mundane and rude questions. Most of their attempts to look "human" can be seen throw and are thought to be aliens themselves. Also it seems that even the government acknowledges the existence of the MIB....
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