men are more afraid to commit then women

Topics: Fear, Interpersonal relationship, Phobia Pages: 2 (921 words) Published: May 11, 2015
Thalia Morales-Mendez
Professor Johnson
30 March 2015

Men are More Afraid to commit then Women
Fear of Commitment (or Commitment Phobia) is a fear of becoming involved in or remaining involved in a relationship. Commitment phobia is one of the most common phobias for people to have about interpersonal relationships. One of the most common scenarios of this happening for men is, first the man notice some girl. He likes her and she likes him back. He gets to be familiar with her. She gets to know him. Then they both see it fits. They get engaged. Her friends are telling her, “You are a match made in heaven”. “Oh, all the romance, tell me about it.” Now, they are supposed to step up to prepare for the next level; getting married. And Boom, it hits him like a rocket in the head. The commitment phobia takes its toll on him. He starts to freak out. Doubt his decisions. Asks himself so many tormenting questions such as; “Am I going to get stuck with her for the rest of my life?” “I won’t be free anymore!”, “Should I be tied up to one person only?” In my opinion, it is most men that are afraid to commit. There are many numbers of reasons why men may become afraid to be involved in romantic relationships or other types of commitments. They are afraid because of their fear of losing their independence, they have been used in their previous relationship and having no desire to be with a partner currently or for the rest of his life. Men fear losing their independence with the predictable changes and compromises that come with commitment. Having to call to wonder what each person is doing or just to check on each other. Surprising each other with gifts to keep in mind they love that is still and will always be shared. Many men who find a certain women began highly independent, lived their lives on their own terms, and saw a romantic attachment as a figurative ball-and-chain. A relationship involves spending time and energy together. Some would rather...
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