Men and women, opposite or not

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Men and Women, Opposite or Not?
Why do some fathers still have that masculine belief of their daughters being incapable of achieving what a son would do? As my father’s only daughter, I had to deal with his constant criticism all throughout most of grade school; reminding me of his wish about wanting a son instead of a daughter and how I’ll never succeed in life because girls aren’t capable of much as compared to boys. I could’ve let his words underestimate me, but instead I proved to him that I was capable of succeeding in life by taking on the full plate of both pink and blue. Graduating high school with honors and getting accepted into a four year university was just the first step of my goal to prove to him that girls can maintain a role latitude and succeed in life; I still plan on achieving more to eventually make him leave that wish behind of wanting a son in his life in replacement of a daughter. Society often places men and women on completely different levels which result in beliefs that make it seem as if the two genders are entirely opposite, nevertheless, this paper will discuss how using the term “opposite” is negatively affecting the truth between the two sexes. We are given gender scripts and placed on a dual track since the moment of birth, the newborn wrapped in a blue blanket is emphasized to be a male and the newborn wrapped in a pink is emphasized to be a female. A typical male, which is the blue side of the dual track, is expected to be masculine, aggressive, dominant, strong, the head of the household, and overall successful in life; whereas a typical female, being the pink side of the dual track, is expected to be feminine, sensitive, nurturing, sensitive, dependent, and the one that stays home to take care of the kids. Our gender is intensified three times during our lives; the first time is when one is placed on either the blue or pink side of the dual track, the emphasis of which track one belongs to is based on our genitalia. The second time is through adolescence, during this time one is going through puberty and is in search for his or her identity leading to once again basing on one’s genitalia, clarifying whether you are a female or a male. The third time is when a couple is going through a pregnancy, gender scripts are clear indicating that the female will be giving birth to the child so is expected to stay home, while the male is expected to provide in all ways and protect the female and the upcoming baby. Such expectations lead to why men and women are considered as the “opposite” sex, meaning that these two genders have no overlap and are not at all alike. It is understandable why men and women are oftentimes considered opposite because our society has placed strict meanings on what men are expected to do and what women are expected to do. Though such term describing both genders is severely negative because men and women are not completely opposite, there are differences but similarities between the two gender exists much likely as well. An appropriate term to describe men and women would be to refer to them as the “other” sex, where such word has no strict expectations emphasizing polarity between the two genders. If a person decides to stay on the dual track he or she was placed on at birth, then their characteristics will only achieve the half plate and become limited, resulting in only being able to express their behavior highlighting only the blue track or express their behavior highlighting only the pink track. Sticking to the dual track as a standard to live by can lead to an identity becoming foreclosed; you are left without a choice and have to go through life guessing because viewing the world through just one perspective can lead to a bias personality. As a person grows up, he or she will either stay on the track they were placed on when they were born or they will evolve into having an androgynous character. Androgyny means having behavior characteristics that are both...
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