Memory Psychology

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One of the human functions that is intriguing to me and makes people unique from each other is human memory. I am finding that through experiences and what we remember from those experiences, our brain develops and humans form their interpretation of the world and the things around them based on their memory. Our favorite films and the ones we dislike the most are part of the many things that we draw our conclusions from based on memory. Knowing this can help me create more dynamic characters in my scripts because I can better form characters based on their memory. Whether it be the style the cinematographer might have in his or her shot choice or simply the action that is present on the screen, memory of these aspects allows me to act upon them in my own work and better develop as a person in general. Without memory there would be no knowledge.

The first step to memory is the encoding process. This process starts out with our two-track minds by either automatically processing information or effortful processing. Automatic processing is the unconscious encoding of everyday information, such as space, time, frequency, and well-learned word meanings. Effortful processing is the encoding that requires attention and conscious effort. Waking up to my alarm clock and getting ready for work is an automatic process that I accomplish to some extent everyday. In addition to this automatic process I have other processes being recorded with little or no effort regarding space, time, and frequency. Where my books are placed in relationship to my backpack, coat, and wallet and phone is encoded into my brain. When I get an email from my Dad asking what time I transferred money into his bank account or when I paid the electric bill for the month, I can retrace my steps throughout the day and remember when these things happened with little to no conscious effort. When I leave my apartment to go to class or work I can also recall how many times I went back and...
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