Memory Management Comparison Pos355

Topics: Operating system, Virtual memory, Paging Pages: 2 (565 words) Published: June 23, 2013
Memory Management Comparison
Howard W. Johnston III
POS 355
February 22, 2013
Raouf Benhadj

Memory Management Comparison
When discussing the differences in memory management practices between Windows and Linux environments, an understanding of what they do is necessary. Memory management systems are core aspects of operating systems. Managing a memory hierarchy of random access memory (RAM) and available hard disks is only its basic function. They perform other critical tasks such as the allocation and de-allocation of memory for processes that take care of logistics and implementing virtual memory via the hard disk to perform as additional RAM. Maximum optimization of the memory system is crucial as it greatly affects the overall speed and performance of the system.

An important concept in memory management is virtual memory. The basic idea behind this is providing an application the illusion of the presence of large amounts of memory available for use. This is made possible as the kernel makes use of secondary storage (hard disk) to fulfill extra memory requirements. Virtual memory requires mapping functions to do address translation – converting physical addresses to virtual addresses. The virtual being the location the application refers to, and the physical being the actual memory location; this is generally a paging or segmentation function, but can be both, depending on the kernel, processor architecture and its state.

To begin a comprehensive comparison of memory management systems of Windows and Linux, let us first analyze the data structures used to keep track of and maintain virtual memory. Windows uses a tree form system where each node of the tree is called Virtual Address Descriptors (VAD). VADs denote a range of address that has the same commit state information and protection parameters. This tree is a balanced to keep the depth of the tree at a minimum. This allows the search time when finding a node containing a location...
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