Memory Loss

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Running head: MEMORY COST


Unit 6 Analysis 1: Memory Cost Brian Fuggle NT1110 07/23/13 ITT-Tech, Jacksonville, Florida




This paper describes the decline in memory cost of both RAM and hard drive storage. Also, this paper will provide an opinion of when a 100 TB hard drive will become available and how much memory will be able to be purchased for $100 ten years from now.



Memory Cost Back in 1981 an 18 MB hard drive would have cost around $2500. Today a 1 TB hard drive will cost around $150. In 1990 RAM costs were $50 per MB. Today, you can buy 2 GB of RAM for $50. Broken down this means that in 1981, 18 MB (18874368 bytes) would work out to around 75 cents per byte or around 9 cents per bit. Whereas today, 1 TB (1099511627776 bytes) works out to around 6 cents per GB. This also means that in 1990 RAM costs where around $2.00 per byte (25 cents per bit) and Today, well 2 GB is 17,179,869,184 bits and at $25 per GB, that’s an awful lot of bits for your bucks. In my opinion 100 Terabytes will become commercially available in around 6 years (but I think they will first become available in around 4 years). This is because storage capacity is roughly doubling every year. In ten years’ time I would estimate around that you could buy 10 TB for £100. Based on the fact that five years ago a 500 GB external hard drive would cost around £100 brand new, and last year a 2 TB external hard drive would cost £100.



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