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Computer Memory
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Carmine Didominic
March 21, 2013

March 21, 2013

Over the last seventy years computers have been around for our personal use either for entertainment, business, or school purposes. Today, the majority of the world has had a computer or owns one. Computers have drastically changed its look ever since they were produced in the 1940’s. Many types of software has been developed to keep computers from catching a virus. But computers would not function properly without its memory system. Memory is one of the most important basic components of the computer system since it is highly depended on for both program and data storage. When programs become induced into a computer, it is loaded from a disk into memory. Once the program has been started, the essential data is put forth into the memory. The memory is being constantly accessed in order to “fetch instructions” so it will know what to do. The memory capacity has been put into byte systems which determines how much memory can fit into the computer storage unit. Today, byte systems have about 512 megabytes and 8 gigabytes of capacity (Computer Memory Basics, Internet Article). Memory is accessed in order for it to read and write data. Memory is linked to the rest of the computer system through an address bus, a data bus, and the control signals. In order for the memory in which needs to be read, the location address needs to be placed and sent to the address bus. Through this process, it sets the control signals to retrieve the value of the memory. The value is then positioned on the data bus where the CPU can read its value. For memory to be written, the CPU needs to read the memory first so it can be placed on the location address of the memory onto the address bus. In every computer, they must have internal checks to ensure they are functioning properly. Memory parity is what helps the computer system...

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