Topics: Memory processes, Memory, Short-term memory Pages: 2 (727 words) Published: March 29, 2013
Everything that happens in a persons life becomes a memory I mean everything the way a flower smells ,the way grandmas spaghetti sauce taste ,the color of a flower literally every interaction we have becomes a memory things that happen to us, how velvet feels on our skin .The creating of memorys happens in stages . The first stage is called Sensory Memory in this stage your mind will hold what u seen heard touched or etc exactly how you perceived it but it does not become a forever memory in this stage the memory will last only a moment or two becoming an Iconic Memory or an Echoic Memory these are just like short little clips of what was seen or heard just before they get sent to the next stage of memory processing. The second stage or step of memory making is the Short Term Memory in this stage things that we are paying attention to are remembered for about ten to twelve seconds. Things are remembered in this stage most often by sound but can also be remembered by images but only small pieces of information. In Short term memory it is hard for it to do more than one thing at a time and is also used as a scratch paper in a way holding only the information we need at that moment like what step comes after subtracting one number from another. This is called the Working Memory. After the information of significance has been remembered in Short term memory bank it is then transferred to the next step of memory making. The third step in remembering things is called Long Term Memory in this stage all the things of importance ,significance and things we paid attention to are then transferred here,in this stage the memory tends to last forever or very long term. Everything we know, have experienced ,touched, tasted,and even smelled is kept here like a huge filing cabinet. Long term memory there is no limit as to how much can be stored ,the average human can hold limitless amounts of memorys in this part of the brain. Looking a little closer and...
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