Memories Influence Our Lives

Topics: English-language films, Road, Automobile Pages: 2 (622 words) Published: January 8, 2011
As we grow on and on, all things we’ve done were left behind and slowly faded away. We could look back depending on our sound memories. Things that I believe memories of sound can influence our life are the impressive facts, such as accidents and tragedies, because those flashbacks always serve as lessons for me. Thus, I believe that our lives can be influenced by sound memories.

About two years ago when I volunteered for china-town policing center, I discerned an extraordinary accident. And I was almost traumatized by the event. It indeed has given me a great lecture for being a safe driver and a disciplined pedestrian. I remembered it was 3pm May 28th afternoon. The day was so nice that our patrol team decided to go for a bike patrol. And not long after we headed out the office and after we biked across the Main street intersection, there was a background of loudness coming towards me, such as people shouting, women screaming and even a harsh brake by a big truck. I clearly remembered there was a sharp “pop” sound in the background noise, and it was pretty loud. Thus, I turned around and I saw a big black truck almost completed its halt in the middle of the intersection. And someone lied underneath the big truck. My team leader and I rushed to the truck and tried to rescue the victim. Unfortunately, when we got there, the victim already passed away because her head was crushed by the truck’s big wheel. The day after that, from the newspaper I realized that the cause of the accident was the old lady falling into the big truck’s blind spot. I was guessing that the “pop” sound must be coming from the crush. Though it had been a year long, it is still like a yesterday’s event whenever that piece of sound echoes in my mind. This piece of sound memory concludes that I should always be careful whenever crossing the intersection. In addition, as a driver, I should pay much more attention for the road conditions.

However, Last year, death almost set on me. It...
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