Memories in the Field

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January 3, 2011 at 6:23am

Turning back the hands of time is the most splendid thing that has bestowed on us. It is a special ability that encompasses one’s heart and mind. In the field in my hometown where you can see farmers are busy plowing and digging the soil, planting seeds and harvesting crops filled up my childhood memories which I could always reminisce. It has been ten years have passed the last time I spend my daily hours in playing with my cousins and neighbors. I remember when we are making a kite and then we will go to the field to test if it will fly. All of us are fond of making different kinds such as kabag, bubuntutin, lagundrina, bulador, and many more. Then, when all kites are about to touch the clouds, we are going to fight each other in the battle called “Sabitan at Dagitan”. It was so amazing because you can only win if you can make other’s kite to be broken on its thread which we called “nakaligaw”. Another game which we were fond of playing was the Baseball and “paluang-bola”. When clock strikes to 4pm, rest assured that you can see us in the field newly plowed by a tractor. We wore in our hands the improvise baseball gloves that was made in an empty sack of rice. Our ball was an old sock. We collected old socks and then we filled a good one and then sewed it to become round. Also, the game will not be completed if we don’t have a bat. What we did is we cut a coffee wood which is about 36 inches in length and almost 3 ½ inches in diameter. .So the game will begin. We will do the so called “maiba’y alis” to know who will be teammates. The game will just be over if we will heard our mothers and fathers shouting our names saying “ Dayo! Uwi na! Timo! May latog ka pagbalik sa atin!” Surely all of us will begin to scream when that will happen. During school vacation, you can see me once again in the grassy portion of the field. I together with my cousins and friends were going in the mountain-like grasses and in the...
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