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Memorial and Monument

By whitneypaskins Dec 03, 2013 587 Words
The Complexity of Monuments
There is a lot that goes into building monuments. When memorializing an event or person by creating a monument a group or agency should consider the monument’s historical significance, make it extraordinary and authoritative, and put it in a proper place. There are a lot of details that go into building a monument, but I feel that those are the most important to think about. If those three things are completed properly then the monument will most likely be successful.

First of all, when building a monument, you must consider its historical significance. If a monument is built and it has no historical magnitude, no matter how cool it looks or where it’s built, nobody will care that much about it. One of the main reasons why people go to see monuments is so that they can learn something or see something that they’re interested in. People wont want to learn about or see something that has no historical significance. For example, the Lincoln Memorial is a very famous monument. One of the main reasons for that is because of how historically significant President Lincoln was and still is today. People go and see that monument because of the significance of it and how they feel when they are there. Since President Lincoln is so important to our country it makes his monument much more successful.

Secondly, if you build a monument you have to make it extraordinary and authoritative. If you build a monument that isn’t very cool to look at and doesn’t in a sense take authority compared to he things it is around it will not be successful. A good example if this is the Statue of Liberty. The reason the Statue of Liberty is such an incredible monument is because of how extraordinary and authoritative it is. Its size, color, look, and what it means to our country are all factors of why it is such a good memorial and is loved by so many people. They could’ve made it a lot smaller, but they didn’t. That decision, among others, helped make the Statue of Liberty as famous as it is today. As you can see, making a monument extraordinary and authoritative is very important.

Last of all, an important thing to consider when building a monument is the place that it is built. You can’t build a monument in a place that nobody ever goes or sees. How will it ever get noticed? You also have to consider if the monument will be more appreciated on different places. For example, you don’t want to build a monument of a famous Chinese leader in Egypt. The people there wont care about it near as much as the people in China would care about it. If the monument is about something spiritual, you should build it in a place where you can feel the sprit. Not in a loud and noisy place that will always be interrupted, but in a quite and peaceful place. People should know where it is but it shouldn’t always be noisy, that’s for sure. So as you can see, the place that you put the monument is oh so very important.

In conclusion, when building a monument you must consider all three of these elements. They are a lot more important than you would think. If you consider its historical significance, and make it extraordinary I have no doubt that it will be successful.

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