Memorandum: Business Writing

Topics: Business school, English language, Business Pages: 1 (295 words) Published: May 9, 2006

To:Ashley Moran
Adjunct Professor, Management Communication MCOM 999 Students

From:Slim Shadi

Date:January 6, 2005

Subject:Diagnostic Memo Assignment due on Friday, January 14 at 4pm

The purpose of this diagnostic memo is to introduce myself as a student in the Business School of business writing. I am currently a senior in the School of Business with a double major in Marketing and Information Systems (ISDS). I am getting prepared for a future that will involves getting a franchise of some nutrition company. In workforce, writing is an important skill used to convey ideas and suggestions to employees and clients. English is my second language as of Spanish is my first, but I manage to learn English in a short period of time. As a result of this training I am somehow confident in my skills as a writer and am frequently satisfied with the final product on paper; however, I would like to see myself improve in writing especially in the area of business writing. From this course I expect not only my business writing skills to improve, but also my writing skills as a whole and be more confident about it. I would like to see my grammatical composition skills improve as I learn how to manipulate the English language in my favor. Enriching my vocabulary with words specific to business writing is also an improvement I would like to make. As a student at the B-School it is important that I take advantage of the opportunity to improve my writing skills so that I can perform well in my future occupation. My previous writing skills have made me somehow confident in my writing; therefore, I would like more training in memos and business writing format and vocabulary.
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