Memorable School Day

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Memorable School Day
I was most impressed with the school day which some high school students from England visited our school. Our class was so lucky that we got this valuable opportunity to take lectures with them. A charming skinny girl with dimples on her face sat beside me who would be my learning partner today. At first I was quite nervous because I had never spoken to a foreigner before. Thank to my learning partner, Diana, she spoke in a slow pace so that I could understand every words clearly. After having a short conversation for introducing together, the society class started. The teacher divided us into different groups and asked students to discuss some recent issues. I plucked up my courage to express my opinions in English and Diana helped me make a conclusion at the end of the class. To my astonishment, my classmates gave me an around of applause which built up my confidant on speaking English. In the afternoon, we had a P.E. class together and I played soccer with Diana. Both of us were enthusiastic in this sport so we enjoyed the game delightfully. When it came to the time that they were going to leave, it was really a hard time for me to bid faraway to them, especially to Diana. She embraced me and we exchanged personal information for keeping touch together despite our separation. This day was memorable to me. Not only did I polish my English speaking ability, but also I made a bosom friend. I hoped that I could take the chance to join an exchange program in the future. Maybe I can visit Diana's school next time!
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