Memoirs of a Geisha

Topics: Geisha, Sayuri Ishikawa, Memoirs of a Geisha Pages: 4 (1685 words) Published: November 12, 2012
Adriana Lindenfeld
English 11 Honors
6 June 2012
Memoirs of a Geisha
Arthur Golden
Part I: Questions
1. Summarize as briefly as possible the single change, which occurs to the protagonist during the course of the book. Sayuri is the protagonist as well as the narrator of the novel Memoirs of a Geisha. Her story begins with her life in the poor fishing village of Yoroido where she is known as Sakamoto Chiyo. She is the uneducated daughter of the fisherman Sakamoto Minoru and his second wife. Chiyo spends the early years of her life with her fisherman father and ill mother. She is an intelligent and imaginative girl with light grey eyes. Unfortunately Chiyo’s future in Yoroido is bleak. Several unusual circumstances bring her to the attention of Tanaka Ichiro the wealthiest man in the village and owner of the Japan Coastal Seafood Company. One day Chiyo has an accident and she meets Mr. Tanaka, after this encounter her life changed dramatically. Ichiro is responsible for the sale of Sayuri and her sister Satsu to Okiya in Gion. They are separated for the first time in their lives and Chiyo is deeply unhappy. Chiyo does not feel welcome in her Okiya and dreams of being reunited with Satsu start to appear through her mind. Her luck improves when she meets the Chairman who secretly instructs Mameha to train Chiyo as a geisha. Three men Dr. Crab, Nobu and the General, influence her success as a geisha. Sayuri becomes a renowned and popular geisha in Gion. The final years of Sayuri's life are the happiest. In her innocence, Sayuri at first sees Ichiro as a heroic savior in her life, later she despises him for ruining her life and still later she sees his actions for what they were a misguided attempt at giving her a better life than the one she would have had in Yoroido. 2. Find three passages that you like. How does the author appeal to your emotions in those passages? Explain. a. "...some girls are smart and some are stupid," Chapter 4 pg. 53...
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