Memoir Speech

Topics: Family, Shabbat, Meaning of life Pages: 2 (596 words) Published: September 20, 2011
Welcome Family and Friends
Good Shabbos.

Ritz I mean mikey my bad I was just looking at the kippah,
Today we are celebrating your Bar-Mitzvah, the time that they call the “acceptance of all the mitzvot.” As your older brother, I can tell you that its not the easiest part of growing up, but Dad would want me to say that you must always work your best to realize the importance of being a Jew and too love judaism. In celebrating your Bar Mitzvah this shabbos, and going on in life, you must always remember the core of who you are as a jew and what you represent. As I watch you grow and become a man, I think about who you are already. Your spirit and enthusiasm for life is something that was innate to you since you were born, and you must use that excitement for life forever. The most important lesson about looking ahead is to never forget to occasionally look behind you- at mom and dad, at your grandparents, and at, me. These people can leave you with valuable and irreplaceable life lessons.

Now let me describe what my little brother Mikey is to me.
Mikey, you might be weird at home but you always manage to turn yourself into a cool kid before leaving the house, and for that, you inspire me. You might only like to play one game of xbox a day- which at times I do not really get , but I undertand you’ve gotta check tour news feed on facebook. Someday maybe I’ll show you my ways of twitter. I remember the days when you used to sit and watchthe boys play on bayberry with your red and blue teeth and long blonde hair. I guess times have changed your teeth are white and straight but the red and blue are clearly forever but combined into your famous mikey pearl purple v-neck. Mikey loves to know everything- where you were, how you got there, what you did, who you went with, and most importantly, how much did it cost, but truthfully I guess one person caring a lot is better than no one. I knew we were officially BROTHAS wen u started to love my kind of music,But what...
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