Memo to Chief Executive Officer

Topics: Management, Corporate governance, Management occupations Pages: 2 (423 words) Published: May 4, 2012
Memo to Chief Executive Officer
Pamela Lindsey
April 23, 2012
Debra Williams

To: John Smith, Chief Executive Officer
From: Pamela Lindsey RN
Date: 4/23/2012
Subject: Organizational structure of Indigo Manor
Mr. Smith, below please find a basic outline of the organizational structure and function at Indigo Manor. I hope this helps you to familiarize yourself with the key players’ managers and supervisors in each department responsible for the general work flow of this organization. Indigo Manor operates using an open system style. The nature of our business in health care and the continual changes in the case mix and reimbursement of our patient population in the short term rehabilitation unit is best suited to this style.

We have a formal structure in place within this organization. There is a diagramed chain of command for policy development and executive decision making. All employees have been in-serviced upon hire of the proper chain of command for communication within each individual department. Our structure also contains several informal groups which have developed over time and have become effective components of our quality assurance teams, wound care teams, restraint reduction team, and weight reduction and weight loss prevention team to name a few.

We operate within a vertical hierarchy and have four layers of management in place below the Chief Operating Officer. We have an Executive Director, below that a nursing administrator, a financial administrator and an environmental and building and grounds administrator. There is a senior manager under each administrator and unit level managers in each department. The unit managers deal directly with the floor staff and are responsible for the day to day operations in their department. Unit managers have been given the authority to make emergency decisions regarding staff and situations of immediate danger or patient jeopardy. The manager must then report the situation...
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