Memo Requesting to Do Research

Topics: Childcare, Babysitting, Day care Pages: 2 (582 words) Published: June 15, 2011
interoffice memorandum
to:Mrs. barbara womack, store manager
from:Ambier S. McAlister, associate manager
subject:Request to do research
cc:Deandria mclean, district manager
It has come to my attention that many of the workers are struggling with finding adequate childcare. Although not recognized as an important issue, like most of our other priority issues, childcare problems can cause many delays in our workforce. Of all of the issues out there, inadequate daycare causes absenteeism; when a parent has to stay at home to take care of an ill child, lost productivity; when parents are interrupted by telephone calls from unsupervised children at home, turnover; when a shortage of available infant care prevents new mothers from returning to work, and even reduced morale; when employees have to cover for coworkers whose child care arrangements have fallen through, these put a constant strain on the company, and ultimately the repeated issues affect the quality of work and business competitiveness. We have to recruit more workers, have our fully train and workable employees stop being productive, so they can train the new employees. It costs time and money to do this again and again, only to have the problem arise again. As the associate manager, I feel that it is my duty to find problems among the associates and try my best to correct them. I feel that it is the best interest of our organization that we try to come up with a solution to the problem at hand, and I will be more than glad to take on this issue. Our organization is not the only organization suffering from this issue. It is a worldwide issue. The only way to get a handle on it is if we implement a cost-efficient way to help our associate have access to adequate childcare. Upon the brief research that I have already begun, I have found that there are many solutions to the childcare issue. The only challenge is finding that one that best fits our needs.

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