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Project Task List Memo for XYZ Communications Customer Service Training Session Angela Vaughn
CMGT/410 - Project Planning & Implementation
Monday, September 8, 2014
Shaun Van Bergen
Project Task List Memo for XYZ Communications Customer Service Training Session To:     Mr. Christopher Daley, CEO
From: Angela Vaughn
Date:  Monday, September 8, 2014
RE:     Project task list for Project Cooper H.1: 2 day compliance training session

The business values of XYZ Communications is to provide the best products, service and security to our customers. To commit to these values, we are conducting our first training to our call center staff as they are the first point of contact to our customers. Project Cooper H.1 is a two-day training session for XYZ Communications’ 20 call center managers who are located in all five business sites. This training will be a part of employee development planning. Training builds employee loyalty, engagement, and increases productivity (Lipman, 2013). The first objective of Project Cooper H.1 is to train the call center managers on the new compliance system within seven weeks. The system was installed a month ago, and we need to ensure that our staff understands the functionality. The new system will help keep our organization up to date with recent laws, and to provide the best customer service and security to our customers. The second objective is to learn the latest compliance policies for our customers’ phone and data plans. Project Scope

The scope of this project is to host a two-day training in Chicago within the next seven weeks for the call center managers. The training will be conducted by our internal compliance team, and Star Global, our compliance system vendor. Scope boundaries have been put in place to alleviate confusion of the project’s deliverables. “Boundary statements help to separate the things that are applicable to your project from those areas that are out of scope” (Mochal, 2007). Tasks

Prior to hosting the training, a planning session will need to take place to discuss the training topics, materials, travel, hotel and conference facilities, food services; and how we will conduct feedback. The project team will conduct a survey with call center managers to get a baseline understanding of the knowledge level of the current compliance laws and the new compliance system. Next the project team will contact and schedule the vendor support team to provide training to call center managers. The project team will investigate and reserve hotel, conference room facilities, and catering services in Chicago. XYZ Communications will cover the cost of hotel accommodations for the call center managers, the project team, IT staff, and internal compliance team. The project team will also investigate and reserve flights for call center managers, IT staff, internal compliance team, and project team staff living outside the Chicago area. Star Global’s training support team will be responsible for their travel to Chicago and hotel accommodations. XYZ Communications staff living in Chicago will be responsible for travel and hotel accommodations. The internal compliance team and Star Global will provide the learning materials for the training. Star Global will not cross sell or provide training on products outside of compliance system. Last the project team will create and conduct a survey for participants and training teams to submit for feedback on the accommodations, training facility, and training session. This feedback will be provided to the CEO and submitted as a part of the lessons learned documentation. In order to create a comprehensive training schedule for the call center managers, the following are a list of resources needed. Resources

XYZ Communications: call center managers, IT staff, internal compliance team, training staff; training materials Star Global: software support/training team, training materials Accommodations: airline travel agent; hotel...

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