Memo Monitoring System

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Information Technology (IT) has become the order of the day in this 21st century. IT has grown very fast in this past years that in virtually everything we do there is a little bit of IT. Areas that have had a fair share of this technological impact include Banking and Finance, Airline transportation, healthcare delivery services and education. Thanks to IT everything is now simple and easy.

The Ghana Revenue Authority currently maintains all the employees’ records manually, which is very expensive, tedious and time-consuming. For example, the employees’ memo details are with the human resource department, financial records are with the accounts department and memo’s about staff welfare is with the welfare department. This paper-based system takes a lot of time of the employees. Occasionally, the employees in the accounts department were finding difficult to manage memo, in its recent Annual General Meeting (AGM), the organization has decided to automate all types of record keeping, and provided easy to use programs for its employees.

To overcome these problems faced by Ghana revenue authority, an electronic management system called “Memo Monitoring System (E - MMSys)” is developed to automate all existing paper-based system of Ghana Revenue Authority as well as other back office activities. 1.1 Aims and Objectives

The business goal for the development of the Memo Monitoring System (E-MMSys) application is to support and increase the productivity of the Authority. The application provides complete automation of all existing manual systems of Authority with the following objectives:

a) Maintain an electronic record system of all current paper-based taxpayers and employee information; b) Enables easy access and fast retrieval of employee and administrative information. c) Provision of employee search facility.

d) Generation of appropriate employee and administrative reports. e) The ability to send emails to employees.

1.2 Project Category
Application Software

1.4 Scope of Project
Project Scope and Features

The Memo Monitoring System (MMsys) enables the processing of new memos, outgoing and incoming memos status, and its related information. The main users of the MMsys system are administrative staff and booking counter employees of the Ghana Revenue Authority From an end-user’s perspective, the system consists of two functional elements: Security Module and Query Module. Security Module

The Security Module includes security features like user management and application level password management as well as the following: * Maintains a user master - each user is identified by a user name and user type. It is only an admin user who can create and edit user information. * Password must be 6 characters long.

* Password must be alpha numeric.
* While creating a user, the system assigns a default password for the user. The user must change the default password at first login. * All login time stamps are stored in the system for security audit. * Access level, roles and privileges are set for different type of users.

Query Module

The query module generates screen information for a particular PRN No given. It shows all details about memo handling including current status. The functionality of the Query Module is described in more detail later in this document.

All these arrears of functionality are delivered in the first version of the Memo Monitoring System (MMsys). Individual module functionality is described in more detail later in the document.

1.5 Tools/Platform
Type| Software| Hardware|
Work Station/ Node| 1. Windows XP or Higher2. VB Run time| 1. P-4 2. RAM -1 GB | Database Server| 1.Win2003 Standard Server or Higher| 1.P-42.RAM- 2GB3.Hard Disk-160GB| Application Server| 1.Win 2003 Advance Server or above| 1.P-42.RAM- 1GB3.Hard Disk-80GB|

1.6 Limitation...

References: In the late 1990’s and early 21st century many organizations found that the management of their institutions could achieve significant productivity if Information Technology was effectively utilized (Sethi et al. 1993).
Many references have expressed the significant impact and the numerous potential benefits to be gained by e-business and new technology implementation. (Barnes et al. 2002).
Memo Monitoring System (E - MMSys) is not new to communication technology, with many institutions having implemented an electronic record management system for a number of years. (Smith et al. 2003b).
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