Memo Assignment

Topics: Patient, Health care, Health care provider Pages: 2 (450 words) Published: September 18, 2010
Memo Assignment
Darla S
HCS 514/Managing in Today’s Health Care Organizations
Tracy Miller
September 6, 2010

TO: John Smith, CEO
FROM: Darla Selbrede
DATE: September 6, 2010
SUBJECT: Design and functionality of Riverside Hospital

Abstract: This memo is an introduction of Riverside Hospital which will focus on facility design and functionality. Its purpose is to provide a generalized picture of how this facility operates and how employees provide optimal service to patients.

Facility Design
Riverside Hospital has a combination of centralized and decentralized design. The centralized design of the organization includes hierarchy procedures, guidelines, and processes that are regularly useful in order to regulate operations of particular activities. These activities are those seen in management, finances, marketing, accreditation, and legal issues. In contrast, the decentralized design of the organization includes activities more closely related to patient care. This decentralization of the organization encourages enthusiasm and creativity, permits critical thinking from different care givers, and accommodates flexibility and autonomy. Riverside Hospital is conveniently located in Rapides General Hospital in order to accommodate patients and health care workers. This locality helps to better serve patients because they are able to utilize Rapides General Hospital’s resources such as its radiology and laboratory services. The hospital is also centrally located in the city of Alexandria, Louisiana which provides greater access to the community. Facility Functionality

Riverside Hospital is a long term acute care unit with 28 private rooms which includes two suites. This facility is able to care for patients who are not healthy enough to return home. The types of patients cared for at this facility are those who need extended stays for things such as severe wounds, respiratory failure, postoperative care, and trauma. Riverside Hospital has...
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