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Topics: United States Air Force, United States Marine Corps, Procurement Pages: 1 (366 words) Published: July 22, 2015

JBT AeroTech
CEO – JBT AeroTech
Tal Horesh – Head of Sales
Prof. Brewster

Persuasive Speech - Competitive bid – proposal review

1. Specific purpose – persuade my boss – audience to reduce profit margins on a quote for the USAF. 2. Central Idea – The firm is part of a competitive bid for a new Cooling unit that will be sold to the U.S military (Air-Force). Following the Purchase order the entire U.S. Military (Navy, Army and Marines) will purchase the same system for their forces. 3. Speech –

a. New competitive bid was issued by the U.S Air force for cooling units for aircrafts which will be used by the new F-35 platform. b. Pricing – must be a competitive proposal in order to be awarded with a PO. Additional manufacturers of cooling units are participating in the same exact bid. c. Requirements –

i. The firm should push to receive an approval from the manufacturer of the Aircraft prior to the proposal submission. With this approval, the firm will produce a hedge over its competitors and allow it to shorten the process of a PO to be issued. ii. The firm must reduce its current profit margin practices of 22% to 15% in order to create an attractive proposal. d. Future –

i. Based on previous purchases made by the U.S. Military it is reasonable to say that the rest of the branches of the military will be purchasing the same units for their aircrafts. ii. In the past, other military forces have purchased the same products for their aircrafts based on the approval of the unit by the aircraft’s manufacturer and based on the U.S. military experience and satisfaction with their purchased products. 4. Conclusion – Based on previous purchases the firm can assure that the initial investment in pre-proposal approval of the units, and adjustment to the firm’s pricing it will be able to cover the loss of potential profit from the original proposal by the following purchases to come. This way the proposal will be able to...
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