Topics: Management, Organization, Evidence-based management Pages: 2 (414 words) Published: April 18, 2013

To:Wendell Nekoranec

From: Favio Suastegui

Subject:Act on Facts, Not Faith

Evidence-based management is important in making management decisions. The article emphasizes facts over “gut instinct” or opinion in making management decisions. Data and evidence provide a basis for which organizations can react to and assess situations. Evidence-based leadership is similar to a scorecard in which organizations can measure results. The purpose of gathering facts is to be thorough in measuring what works for an organization and what does not. Organizations make the mistake of trying to fit preconceived ideas to their culture that do not work for them. Gathering evidence from within the organization is the first step management can take to understand the chemistry of the organization.

Managers sometimes think that what works for another organization can work for them. This is dangerous because one organization’s culture and management philosophy can be different from that of another. Each organization has a unique way of doing things, it’s culture, and using an old idea that worked before may no longer work for the organization. Managers need to look at other organizations and ask what works for them, why it works for them, and how it can work for them. Evaluation is crucial for making decisions based on facts. The facts need to be assessed.

Evidence-based management seems like a great way of leading an organization, but there they me some roadblocks. People tend to skew their interpretation on data. No matter how much evidenced is gathered, people will try to superimpose their views on the facts. It is important that leaders of the organization are not blinded by preconceived ideas or ideas that blind the facts from the truth. Managers have to be careful in directing an organization that demands employees to bring forth their ideas on the facts. It is crucial for employees to participate on the facts, but always remaining aware of...
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