Memento Psychology Paper

Topics: Hippocampus, Memory, Time / Pages: 3 (576 words) / Published: Feb 20th, 2012
Position Paper On MEMENTO

MEMENTO : Critical Analysis
General Psychology
By: Martin Ortiz
Cumberland County College
October 27, 20011


Leonard Shelby (Guy Pierce), is an insurance claims investigator who witnessed his wife's rape and murder and was hit in the head trying to intervene. He now suffers from anterograde amnesia and can only remember things in his life prior to the night of his wife's murder. When the police did their investigation on his wife's murder, they did not find any clues supporting Leonard's testimony about that night prompting Leonard to do his own investigation. Because of his short term memory loss Leonard, cannot transfer information from his short term memory to his long term memory and cannot recall or does not have any recognition of memory past his wife's death without the notes and pictures to help himself remember. Leonard writes notes on pictures, that he takes with his Polaroid, and tattoos on his body with important facts and information about his wife's murder case to help him remember the next day. This was something he learned from a previous insurance claim of a gentleman by the name of Sammi Jankis.
Leonard talks about his first big claims investigation and a gentleman called Sammy Jankis (Stephan Tobolowksy) and his wife, who were in a car accident. Sammi suffered minor injuries in the accident but since then, he could not remember anything over a long period of time. After several tests Leonard determined that Sammi was suffering from a psychological condition and not physical condition. They turned his claim down because the insurance company only covered a physical condition and not a mental condition. Sammi Jankis story helped Leonard understand his situation because Sammi suffered from short term memory loss due to the accident and he used to leave himself notes in order to remember certain things everyday. As Leonard recalls the events of that fateful night and with

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