Memento: an Analytical Essay

Topics: Narrative, Reverse chronology, Film Pages: 2 (644 words) Published: April 19, 2010

Thesis Statements: Because people have seen a lot of movies on their lives with different stories but with the same style, the film Memento have achieved the things that people are looking nowadays: an original and cleverly plotter story line and an exquisite story telling style that had caught people’s attention when it was released.

Memento shows that a good story is the one with originality and complexity with the style of how the story is presented because although the main plot of the movie is not that exquisite when watch in reverse, the style and uniqueness of the film lifted up the whole story. The movie has this style that we have not seen before from any other films we’ve watched; it used alternating time frames. The one in color have a reverse chronological order which started with Leonard Shelby (the protagonist) killing a man named Teddy. The other one is in black and white view wherein Leonard was having a telephone conversation with an unknown caller. Chronologically, black and white sequences come first followed by the color sequences. This is not the typical style use by many directors and writers because they want their viewers and readers to understand their works as clearly as possible. Normally, they use flashback and the traditional story telling. The film made us confuse but that confusion created curiosity, which make us put ourselves into it—to watch and to finish the whole movie. It is not easy to comprehend the whole message or even the plot of the film, but that made it more interesting. You have to listen and watch carefully for you to get every detail you need and to connect every event that was shown to understand what was happening in the film, and why it was happening. The story telling style of the director (Christopher Nolan) keep you hanging for more information and events; there was always a cliffhanger on every transition of the film that would make you curious and you would start to have...
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